This week I'm grateful for … smiles

Yesterday I went for my first morning walk since I was struck down by the dreaded vomiting bug. It felt good to be moving and feeling healthy again (another thing to be grateful for).

I was waiting at the lights, with J in his pram when a fellow walker went past and beamed a smile at me while saying good morning. I smiled back and responded in kind and she said ‘good on you for getting out walking  … I know that it’s hard with a young child’.

She was really genuine and lovely and it really made my day. It reminded me that a smile and a compliment really goes a long way. And it’s free.

I’m also grateful for my little man’s smile and giggle. When he smiles, it lights up my heart … even when the source of his smile is that he’s found a stray post-it on the floor and he’s in the process of shoving it into his mouth and refusing to let me near him to get it out.

I’m grateful that it feels like we’re finally getting past all the sickness that’s been loitering around the past month … and I’m finally making headway with my weightloss. Three kilograms down now … and 3.5 more to go to reach my goal. I feel like that’s something to smile about!

I’m taking part in the Maxabella Loves … Grateful blog hop, this week hosted by Multiple Mum at And then there were four.

9 thoughts on “This week I'm grateful for … smiles

  1. what a cute photo…

    congrats on your weight loss and here’s hoping you have beaten the bugs!

    Gill xo


  2. My husband & I went out to dinner for our 33rd wedding anniversary and afterwards walked around the street and down to the beach front at Byron Bay. It was just a perfect night – the company, the weather, the atmosphere and then an elderly gent walking towards us said “a lovely couple” which brought a smile to our faces. It didn’t matter that he was saying the same thing to every couple he met! In his own way he was lifting peoples spirits, even if it was in mass proportions.


    • Hey Maz and Kev
      Congrats on 33 yrs!!So glad u both had a great nite. It is amazing how 1 passing coment can brighten your day.


  3. What a lovely story! It is good to be reminded that a genuine smile can make another person’s day. How easy is that?

    Thanks for linking up with Maxabella’s Grateful For linky and for the linky love x


  4. A smile truly can change the entire way you’re feeling.


  5. A sunny Saturday morning, unfortunately going to work. But I am thankful that I have a job to go to when others are struggling to find work.

    I opened the front door to let in the animal babies, and instead of meowing at the door and circling my legs in anticipation of breakfast, they were still dozing on the day bed. It gave me a few moments to sit down with them and I indulged in some pats of their soft sun warmed fur.

    Tonight I am singing for some old friends from uni as they celebrate their wedding at The Powerhouse. I am lucky my music job allows me to be part of happy celebrations – and even more so tonight as it is for people I actually know well x


  6. it really makes you realise that the most simple things in life, like a smile and a compliment are priceless.. Well done you on the weight loss.. you are a force to be reackoned with!
    I am thankful today for a very capable and helping husband.. He helped me change our bedsheets after one of our dear cats decided to spew up on the bed.. only changed them on Thursday.. Oh well, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!


  7. Smiles – so simple and beautiful! Vomiting bugs aren’t much fun, hope you are all well again.


  8. I love this post! ❤

    Goes to show how a simple smile and compliment can totally brighten a person's day! ❤


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