AusBlogCon 2011 wrap up

You know that funny, tickling feeling that runs up your spine when you’re close to something big, something potentially life changing? I had that more than once on the weekend, where I was one of more than 150 bloggers taking part in the inaugural Aussie Bloggers Conference in Sydney.

I set off on Friday morning, still feeling haggard and spent from a week spent riding the porcelain bus, but with a spring in my step. I was not only going to spend a whole weekend talking and thinking about blogging, but I’d be spending the whole weekend alone. The second time in almost 17 months. I was looking forward to revelling in the quiet contemplation that being alone brings, just as much as meeting and chatting to some fabulous bloggers.

I had big plans for solo shopping trips and cafe meals. But by the time I’d hauled arse to the hotel room from Museum Station I was spent. ‘A bit of a relax and then a jaunt into town,’ I promised myself. Two and half hours later I woke up dazed. Man, I needed that sleep. It was then I resolved to take it easy … room service menu was fetched, towelling gown and slippers where eased into. Just me, Music Max, a trashy mag and a view from the 20th floor. Bliss!

By Saturday morning I was glad I took it easy. My stomach was still tender and not even a buffet breakfast could coax me into a decent meal. I was getting a bit jittery … excitement mixed with apprehension.

I needn’t have worried, on stepping out of the lift on level one I surfed the wave of happy vibes and smiley faces to collect my conference pass and one mother of a goody bag.

The whole day continued on in a similar fashion. It’ s hard to capture all the things I learnt in that room that day in one blog post, so here is a reel of highlights, thoughts and feelings in no particular order:

  • Your blog is your own space, do with it what you want. Follow your passions and find your voice.
  • Content is king, but its not everything. Making connections with your readers and other bloggers is important too.
  • I really need to connect more, there is nothing to be scared of . There is plenty of room for a range of divergent voices and experiences.
  • Blogging raw can help release feelings and help you connect with others, but it can have repurcussions. Think about how much you reveal and the way you reveal it … find a level of exposure that you’re happy with.
  • Stories and truth can be so powerful. The ‘My Blog, My Story’ session was my favourite of the day. I was particularly inspired by Carly Findlay from Tune into Radio Carly, who I was lucky enough to share lunch with.
  • Also awesome was the crowdsourced blog readings. I’ve totally got to print out this one by Edenland and pop it on my fridge … such truth. I was also left a blubbering mess by this poem Woman, a History by Wanderlust.
  • Surrounded by so much awesomeness, I sometimes felt the old inferiority complex tugging at my sleeve … but the conference was a reminder that I am awesome too no matter how small-time I am.
  • The dinner dance was so much fun. I may or may not have partaken in some barefooted Nutbush and requested a Britney number (in my defence, the DJ didn’t seem keen on playing Gold by Spandau Ballet or Don’t you Want me Baby by the Human League).

I’ve been floating on a bit of a cloud since coming back, but have laboured over this post a bit longer than I planned to. Hopefully now that this difficult first post-conference-post is done I’ll be free to get back to the incessant navel gazing for which I’m not famous for.

Bring on next year’s conference!



12 thoughts on “AusBlogCon 2011 wrap up

  1. It was so lovely meeting you Belinda — enjoyed sharing table 11 with you πŸ™‚


  2. Well if he DID play Don’t you Want me Baby that would have got me up on the dancefloor for SURE!

    I wish I spent Friday night just relaxing on mah own. WHAT PURE BLISS!


    • He gave me this ‘meh’ kinda look when I requested it … it totally would have went off! I really enjoyed your story too Kelley. I got a bit emotional there as well. x


  3. OMG your Friday night sounds like bliss. Here’s where it gets embarrassing. I may or may not have met you :/ By the end I had blurred names and blogs and to be honest have absolutely no idea. If I did meet you it was a pleasure ( I can say this because all the bloggers I met were divine) and if I didn’t I hope I meet you next time. I love your blog too and will make sure I come back. x


    • Thanks Annie! We met briefly on the dance floor, but it was getting quite late at that stage! You’re right all the bloggers there that I met were so, so lovely. x


  4. I would have requested “Let’s go Girls” by Shania Twain – very appropriate and gets everybody on the dance floor. Maybe, one that only the older girls would know – “Running Bear” and do the conga line around the room and beyond!!!


    • Ah, ‘Man I feel like a woman’ did get played … I thought of you. There was also some dyson dancing done to said song. I think Running Bear is only a Mullum RSL speciality though?


  5. Belinda, so glad we found each other post ABC πŸ™‚ I loved meeting you, keep in touch.


  6. And thanks so much for the mention – honoured you liked my talk πŸ™‚


  7. I wish I’d gotten to speak to you properly!


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