This week I'm grateful for … Autumn

My favourite season is just kicking in. Although the days are still hot and humid in the traditional Brisbane kind of way, there is a crispness around the edges blowing in on a soft breeze … Autumn is coming.

Spring used to be my favourite season, but now Autumn with its promise of cool nights spent cosy with a hot beverage, days of jeans, cardi and a light scarf bring me the most joy.

This summer has been bizarre weather-wise, with so much rain and temperatures lower on average than we’re used to here. But still the humidity has been unrelenting and there has been quite a few days when I’ve felt sweaty and grumpy and ready for a cooler change to come.

And here it is. Slowly heralding its arrival in a cooler morning and afternoon that will soon creep its way into the days. Changes on the wind.

Ah, the promise of a new season.

How about you? What season brings you the most joy?

This post is part of the grateful blog hop over at Maxabella loves …

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6 thoughts on “This week I'm grateful for … Autumn

  1. I’m an autumn lover too – for a few reasons – the warm days with the cool nights, you can wear cardigans (I love cardigans) and the bounty of fresh autumn harvests – so many great things are harvested in the autumn. It’s also much nicer to bake in autumn than summer.

    Every season has something to offer though 🙂


  2. Ohhhhh wish it felt like autumn here. Tis my favourite season (mainly because my birthday occurs) Here’s hoping the new season is kinder from now on in…


  3. I love Autumn too, for the same reasons as you. Leaves are just starting to change here too… it’s beautiful.


  4. Oh I love Autumn too – I love both the ‘turning’ seasons best of all. I think I like the moderation rather than the excesses of Summer and Winter. I hope that all the promise Autumn contains is realised for you this year. x


  5. I always welcome Autumn after a hot Spanish summer as well, although I am just aching for Spring to makes it’s appearance this year as I am sick of being cold & miserable. Typical Brit really, never happy with the weather, whatever!


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