First step to farewell my flab

I blogged some time ago about ‘getting fit’- see here, oh and here –  and regular readers may have noticed a certain silence surrounding this issue ever since.

It’s true I had the best of intentions, but I don’t think I really wanted it enough. I had some vague goals, ‘tone up’, loose a few kgs, feel fitter … but the truth was, I was at the point where I felt I ‘ought to’ do something about it, rather than feeling like I ‘had to’.

Last week, after it had been simmering under the surface for many weeks, I felt like those last few kilos just had to go. I needed to lose weight – something I didn’t want to admit to myself before … I was hiding behind ‘get fit’ and ‘tone up’ euphemisms, to try and cajole myself to do something about it, but it just wasn’t motivation enough. I was avoiding the scales, comforting myself with sweet things and just sticking my head in the sand.

The reality is I have been hovering around about 3 kilos above my pre-pregnancy weight since a week after I got home from hospital with my new baby. That’s 16 months ago. It might not seem like a lot, and that’s what I was telling myself for almost that long. But when I figured in that I was probably already at least 4 kilos above my ideal weight when I fell pregnant, it suddenly seemed a whole lot more important for me to shift this weight.

So, a couple of weeks ago I decided to pull my finger out. And for the last week I’ve embarked on stage 1: cutting the crap out of my diet. It wasn’t until I got back to basics, that I realised how much junk had crept into my diet. I’ve cut out the sneaky chocolate bar, the caramel tart at the bakery and the hot chips. I’ve gone back to basic low-cal meals full of fresh vegetables and I suddently feel like I can do this. The cravings are still there, but I am so far resisting temptation.

Stage 2 begins from Saturday when our local Jetts gym opens, just a short walk away. I’m signing up today and am aiming to work out most nights when Jarvis is in bed. I’m also starting a 6 week 10,000 steps challenge at work from Monday, so will be forced to keep moving or lest be publicly shamed by work colleagues!

My first weigh in is tomorrow. Here’s hoping for a bit of downward movement on the scales.

Anyone who has successfully kicked the kilos got any words of wisdom or inspiration for me?! Or are you like me, languishing a few kilos above your ideal weight and seeking a change?

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4 thoughts on “First step to farewell my flab

  1. well, firstly good on you Bel for taking the first positive steps towards getting fitter.. Am going to try not to go-on too much here (yeah right!!)… As you know, I have had 2 kids and have managed to shed the gained weight both times (16kgs with Jack and 23kgs with Poppy).. not bragging here, but found this is what has worked for me, and continues to work for me:
    Firstly, you need to make a “lifestyle” change and not just a fad diet. you need to ask yourself “can I maintain this for the rest of my life?” or at least for a long length of time.. I find diet shakes and quick fixes are just that, and in the end you put on more weight and end up bigger than before. I have tried every pill/ shake and trick in the book!
    Exercise for me is the key. try and exercise at least 6 times a week for at least 45mins..
    Eat every 3 hours from when you wake with a diet high in protein. Don’t cut out carbs, just try and consume them early in the day..Try switching to brown rice, wholegrain or rye bread, wholemeal pasta, oats for brekkie or natural muesli.. Try and cut out refined sugar as that is your enemy.. lots of fresh fruit and veges… it’s not rocket science. Don’t deprive yourself completely of chocolate as you will end up craving and eating a lot. I find a really good quality dark chocolate seems to fulfill my craving (80%). I like the Aldi organic choc.. just a couple of squares with a cuppa at night.. Or try drinking a low fat hot choc drink ( I like Jarrah) made with water and a dash of milk.. satisfies the sweet cravings..
    So, that’s it from me.. hope this helps you out.. and you WILL get there.. it does take time.. some days are good, some days are bad. don’t beat yourself up about it and throw in the towel – wake up the next day and start again! x


    • Great tips, Katie … makes a lot of sense, and you’re a living example that it does work! x


      • I quite like using protein shakes for morning and arvo tea.. I like the “Nature’s Way” Strawberry one just from the supermarket or chemist.. look for about 80gms of Protein per 100gms. A lot of them have actually minimal protein in them when you read the label..
        Wish we had a Jetts gym here. Keep us posted on your progress please 🙂


      • I was thinking of looking into the protein shakes, so thanks for that! 600 grams down this week …


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