My best buys online

Oh, online shopping how I love thee!

Got home from work this eve and was greeted by a lovely little express post bag on the dining table. A quick squeeze revealed that it was my black, cocktail style maxi dress for the Australian Bloggers Conference that I ordered from Birdsnest on Thursday. But it could just have easily been my business cards for said conference I ordered from Zazzle, or my hair products that I ordered from StrawberryNet.

Yep, I’m pretty much an online shopping addict!

What’s not to love? You can browse around quickly for the best price, without getting blisters. You can complete the transaction without any forced banter with shop assistants. You can save real money. You can buy nice things without looking nice yourself … PJs and bedhair are completely acceptable. You can feel great by sticking it up Gerry Harvey and other dinosaur retailers who don’t want to get with the online program. At last … I’ve found my shopping nirvana.

Ripping into my parcel, I found my dress neatly wrapped in tissue and placed in a very handy envirobag in a funky pattern. Also inside was a lovely handwritten note and a loyalty card. I got a hit of the warm and fuzzies. This was online retailing done right! But what still remained to be seen was … did the dress fit?

A quick try on revealed that yes, the dress fitted me and looked pretty good! Now all is left is to accessorise and decide heel or no heels and I’m set!

So, in celebration of another successful online purchase here are a few of my favourite online shopping hotspots:

For a bit of everything

Catch of the Day – new deals every day and you never know what you’re going to find. I’ve bought my two laptops (one 10 inch portable and one 15 inch every day laptop) here, a wall mount for our TV and a electric streriliser. Deals change at noon every day and some of the best deals are snapped up pretty quickly.

Kids Clothing

Baby’s Got Style – funky fashion for your little peeps plus some toys, accessories and gifts. Quick delivery and good range.  

Toys and gifts

Peanut Gallerydiscovered this site when looking for toys to send to my niece and nephews. Good range of wooden and educational toys.


Skinstore US site with alot of the big skincare brands. I can buy my favourite skincare brand Sothy’s here for about half the price charged here in Australia. Arrives within a week and often with samples of other products. Regularly has 20% off storewide deals.


Book Depository – cheap, cheap, cheap and free worldwide delivery.


Etsythe international home for all things handmade. Recently found it’s also good for vintage finds. Found some handles for an old dresser we needed to freshen up at an etsy store in the US. Worked out $3 a handle (including postage!).

Madeit – Mecca for Australian crafty peeps. Found a lovely reversible hat for J here.

Feel free to add your own … I’m always on the look out for new haunts.

6 thoughts on “My best buys online

  1. Like you Bel, I LOVE LOVE online shopping.. Living in Hervey Bay, which as you know is somewhat in a “retail challenged time warp” to say the least, I find myself shopping online all the time.. The people at Australia Post know me on a first-name basis! I find I get a bit nervous buying clothes online as I like to try things on first, but having said that, I have bought lots of clothing online in the last few months.. I buy my Asics running shoes online as they are so much cheaper than retail in the stores (plus we have limited choice of sports stores here!) Also the ability to shop online in the USA is awesome. with the dollar so high at the moment even with shipping, buying stuff from the states is dirt cheap.. I buy a lot of my craft supplies from the states also..
    My online faves are: Sexie Coffie, JC Penney, Strawberrynet, Fishpond, The Book depository, The Hip Infant, Stringers online, Ebay, Zodee, Trixan body, Lorna Jane, GNC Livewell, Mr Supplement, – just to name a few.. I have spent a small fortune of late shopping online.. but grateful for the internet and how online shopping has evolved from it.. xx


    • Hey Katie – thanks for sharing your faves! I will have to check them out … I think I would be even more in love with online shopping (if that’s at all possible!) if I lived in a regional area. To have access to any product you want or need online is trully amazing and at times, a little TOO convenient!


      • yes, it is a little TOO convenient.. think my return to work is just going to pay for my online shopping addiction! Plus so much easier to shop in the comfort of your own home when you have little ones, at any time of day or night..


  2. Oh, me too, me too! I love shopping online – ironically I find it much more personal. Plus, I am addicted to handmade over at etsy. Our postbox has never been happier. x


  3. Oooh which dress did you get from Bridsnest… I’ve been looking at them for ausblogcon wear. And can I ask how long it took to arrive? I think I’ve left my run too late…. am always scared of shopping online for clothes so put it off till it is too late, but I do love to shop online!


    • Hi Kate … you’ve still got time! They express post orders so if you order in morning you should get it the next day… it was really great service. I bought a seduce jersey maxi with tassly type things coming down from the neck-line. Gee, I’ve made that sound alluring haven’t I?! I hope you find something … looking forward to meeting you at the conference!


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