win … Win … WIN an Ergo baby*

Well here it is people … my very first blog giveaway!

Back in November I was lucky enough to win the Australian New Zealand Babywearing Week (ANZBW) Bloggers Competition, organised by Babes in Arms, with a blog post detailing why I love my Ergo. Part of the prize was an original ErgoBaby carrier in Cranberry.

I am so in love with my Ergo (which is a black ErgoBaby Sport) that a thought crossed my mind to keep it.

Well many thoughts actually.

“You never know when you might need a spare,” the greedy Ergo-loving voice inside my head advised. “Look, it has a handy little pocket for spare change or a bus pass, your Sport doesn’t have that”. “Oh, it’s so pretty … can’t we keep it?”

After moving it into a cupboard in our new abode, still in its box I put alot of  thought into what I should do with it. And now as I near the 12 months anniversary of my first ever post, the decision I’ve made is final … it’s time to spread the Ergo love and give this lovely Cranberry Ergo Baby (valued at $159) a new home.

So, enough of my chatter … what you really want to know is how to enter, right?

Well here it is, I’ve devised multiple ways for you to enter to give yourself more chances to win so get clicking!

Like me, Like me. Become a Save Mum’s Sanity ‘liker’ on facebook and you’ll be entered into the draw. Current likers (PS, I love you) are also in with a chance. If you already like Save Mum’s Sanity and want to be entered into the prize draw, just let me know via a wall post. Once you ‘like me, like me’ if you share any of my blog posts during the competition period you’ll get a bonus entry.

Become my ‘friend I added ‘Google Friend Connect’ to my blog sometime ago and all it’s shown me is I don’t have many friends! So if you do the connecty, googly thing … come and Friend me, so I don’t feel like such a Nigel. You’ll not only be doing a sad-arse blogger like me a good turn, you’ll also get an entry in the draw. WIN/WIN!

Add a comment! Add a comment on this blog entry about anything baby-wearing related – your experiences, thoughts, feelings, or just how much you love your chosen baby-wearing device or how much you love Orlando Bloom wearing a baby-wearing device and (you  guessed it!) you get an entry in the draw.

Competition closes Monday March 14, 2011. The winner will be drawn randomly via on Wednesday March 16, 2011 with the winner contacted shortly after.

So get clicking and liking and commenting! You’ll not only be getting closer to winning an Ergo, but you’ll be getting my Mum, who thinks I don’t get enough blog comments, off my back (temporarily!).

*Orlando Bloom not included.

70 thoughts on “win … Win … WIN an Ergo baby*

  1. I have wanted an Ergo since before I finally fell prengant with my son – my darling (yes that was heavily laden with sarcasm) husband thinks it’s a total waste of money and refuses to let me buy one after he spent a week using a bb we were given and absolutely hating it.

    I’ve spent the past 14 months trying to figure out how to buy one and then tell him that I won one, he’d never believe it if I did!

    I like & I follow (serendipity)


  2. I have liked you on facebook


  3. I have google-friended you 🙂


  4. baby-wearing saved my sanity with my 1st baby, esp of an evening with his colic.
    I didn’t baby-wear with my 2nd much, but am enjoying it again with my 3rd. I am using a sleepy-wrap and my baby does sleep in it while we are out, but find it gets a little warm, so I’m keen to try other carriers. The Ergo looks and sounds great.


  5. Oh my gosh, I so badly want one! #2 is on her way – due in 3 weeks. With a very active 16mth old, I’ve researched lots of different baby-wearing options and the Ergo is definitely my favourite as they can be worn in them much longer and still be comfortable for me too! Thanks for sharing your bounty and hosting this giveaway!!


  6. Ooh couldn’t resist entering this one! I’m currently deliberating over baby carriers for bub number 2 and would LOVE an ergo! I’m already a facebook fan, and now I’m a google friend follower too. You’re so genoerous to be giving your gorgeous ergo away! xx


  7. I hate prams! And now that my second boy is out of the Bjorn, I am having to use the pram more- grrrr! You have no idea how much I want an Ergo!


  8. Hi there,
    What a great comp! I liked you on FB, followed you on google connect.
    I would love to win, Baby G will be here in 9 weeks 🙂


  9. (I posted these last night… and they don’t seem to have registered??)

    Facebook liked!


  10. Ooh, and also shared your Lessons From Nine Months of Motherhood! I’ve just started a week-long Motherhood 2.0 linky series on my blog, and the first day’s exactly about this! You genuninely have some awesome posts… I’m actually sharing them coz I WANT to share them, the fact they’re bonus entries is almost beside the point now, lol.


  11. And I shared your Tales of an Accidental Co-Sleeper on my personal FB (tagged you in it too)


  12. Lucky last (as my son now calls for attention!)… Shared your procrastination and parenting post on my personal FB (tagged you in it ).


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