Happy Birthday Week

I am currently down at my parents place along with my little sister to celebrate our respective birthdays. Mine was Wednesday, and my sister’s is today. She is the big 3-0. And I have just turned a slightly larger number. I think I’m officially getting to the age that dare not speak its name. Who knows, I might stay this age for a few more years yet.

Growing up with a sister two years (oops, I’ve given it away now haven’t I?) and two days younger had its ups and downs. Communal parties were a bit of a bummer but we both got a present on each other’s birthday so it felt like we got extra presents. As my birthday was first up, I had the advantage of getting most of my presents first up, knowing that when the day was over I still had a present to look forward to on the 11th.

However, when I asked my sister today if she enjoyed having a birthday so close to mine when she was younger, she said that having a day between us was a kind of torture. She got a small present on my birthday but then felt like the 10th was the longest day of the year as she waited for her full booty of gifts.

My mother’s response was that she liked having our birthday’s so close together and she would have preferred them to be on the same day to “get it over and done with”. So festive!

The above pic was our 10th and 8th combined party where I was going through a heavy ‘fluoro’ phase and may or may not have had a mullet.

J and I arrived here yesterday and it’s been nice having a break with all my family in the town where we grew up. We just got back from the park by the river where we used to have fish and chips every Sunday. The tree that was freshly planted then is now a towering, yet spindly eucalyptus. Jarvis crawled around in the long grass and played with the dried leaves while he kept his Grandma on her toes by moving with speed towards the river bank.

Tonight we’re having a BBQ dinner with a caramel cheesecake for dessert. The weather is clear, Mr P is on his way down with a sea breeze and life is good.

Happy birthday to my li’l sis, and happy birthday to me!

In celebration of our birthday week, I am planning a giveway! Remember that Ergo I won some time ago? Click here for a refresher.

Well I feel it’s time to give that Ergo baby away!

Need to get back to my home computer to load up the images and details but watch this space!

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