This new old house

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about our old house – our home for the past six years. And although it wasn’t our own house, it felt very much like home. It was hard saying goodbye.

But in saying goodbye to that old girl, we have been welcomed into a new old house. This one, our very own. Now a month after we moved in, I’ve had some time to get to know her and our new neighbourhood.

It took a little while for it to sink in, with the moving and then with Christmas and New Year. My mind was so caught up with ticking off mental to-do lists that I was present in her four walls, but my mind was away somewhere else. Distracted, at times irritable – I just wanted to get. things. done.

But then one morning I woke up and walked into the lounge room, and opened one of the old push out timber-framed frosted windows and looked out upon our new street and looked up to the hills in the distance. A different angle on the same hills we used to look out to from the back of the old house and I found myself saying out loud to noone in particular ‘I love this house’.

And the more time I spend here, the more that this is true.

Our house is a post war cottage, ubiquitous in the middle ring of suburbs around 8-10 kilometres from the city but its had some renovations so has a modernish kitchen and bathroom and a rumpus room added to the back down a few stairs, this room also houses the laundry hidden behind cupboard doors.

There are three bedrooms, ours is really large and is at the front of the house with Jarvis’s room next and the spare bedroom at the back.

We just got the spare bedroom floor sanded and polished. When we moved in it was the only room in the house with dodgy old carpet and pulling this up along with two layers of lino revealed some hardwood timber floors, different to the pine floors throughout the rest of the house.

Newspaper unearthed between the layers bore the year 1954. Although the floors were a bit water damaged and had a few scrapes and I started to think it might just be better to wack some new carpet over it, it’s come up lovely.

Our bed has been moved in there and I’m sitting here awaiting the delivery of a new king size ensemble for our bedroom. I am so, so excited!

There are still a growing list of odd jobs and improvements to be done to this new, old house but it already feels like home. I love being able to walk everywhere – shopping centre, train station, bakery, newsagent, cafe and there is a walking track past the brook just up the road as well as a big park which Jarvis is already in love with.

I feel like we have everything we need right here and that’s a really nice feeling. Contentment, relief and happiness all rolled into one. So, now we are here and settled I can relax and hopefully I will be updating this blog a lot more often from now on. No excuses!

So, how about you? What does home feel like to you?

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