My best buys online

Oh, online shopping how I love thee!

Got home from work this eve and was greeted by a lovely little express post bag on the dining table. A quick squeeze revealed that it was my black, cocktail style maxi dress for the Australian Bloggers Conference that I ordered from Birdsnest on Thursday. But it could just have easily been my business cards for said conference I ordered from Zazzle, or my hair products that I ordered from StrawberryNet.

Yep, I’m pretty much an online shopping addict!

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Mastering the art of balance

Today was the second and last day of my working week. My two-day working week seems to be the envy of my work colleagues, who like to make reference to my ‘long weekend’ or ‘holiday’ any chance they get.

But even though from the outside it may seem like I am enjoying the perfect balance of paid employment and ‘lady of leisure’ status, the reality can be quite different. As anyone juggling children and employment will tell you, some days you won’t be doing either job very well.

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Tales of an accidental co-sleeper

Before I became a parent, I hadn’t given much thought to where my baby would sleep.

I just envisioned him sleeping in a bassinet in our room and then transitioning to a cot in his own room.

But my boy, he was one of those difficult sleepers. He could never be put down when he was small; even if he was in the deepest sleep he would wake up screaming. So I got used to him sleeping on me, or in his Ergo, he fed to sleep almost every sleep. I felt I was doing it all wrong. But in the battle of sanity and doing it ‘right’, sanity won. I just went with it. I did whatever I could to get him to sleep, even if I had to be couch bound for an hour or so.

Cue the beginning of our co-sleeping relationship. When he woke at night, it was much easier to bring him into bed with us for a feed. I would nod back to sleep and he would too, tucked up between us, with my body curled around him like a giant C. Continue reading

win … Win … WIN an Ergo baby*

Well here it is people … my very first blog giveaway!

Back in November I was lucky enough to win the Australian New Zealand Babywearing Week (ANZBW) Bloggers Competition, organised by Babes in Arms, with a blog post detailing why I love my Ergo. Part of the prize was an original ErgoBaby carrier in Cranberry.

I am so in love with my Ergo (which is a black ErgoBaby Sport) that a thought crossed my mind to keep it.

Well many thoughts actually.

“You never know when you might need a spare,” the greedy Ergo-loving voice inside my head advised. “Look, it has a handy little pocket for spare change or a bus pass, your Sport doesn’t have that”. “Oh, it’s so pretty … can’t we keep it?”

After moving it into a cupboard in our new abode, still in its box I put alot of  thought into what I should do with it. And now as I near the 12 months anniversary of my first ever post, the decision I’ve made is final … it’s time to spread the Ergo love and give this lovely Cranberry Ergo Baby (valued at $159) a new home. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Week

I am currently down at my parents place along with my little sister to celebrate our respective birthdays. Mine was Wednesday, and my sister’s is today. She is the big 3-0. And I have just turned a slightly larger number. I think I’m officially getting to the age that dare not speak its name. Who knows, I might stay this age for a few more years yet.

Growing up with a sister two years (oops, I’ve given it away now haven’t I?) and two days younger had its ups and downs. Communal parties were a bit of a bummer but we both got a present on each other’s birthday so it felt like we got extra presents. As my birthday was first up, I had the advantage of getting most of my presents first up, knowing that when the day was over I still had a present to look forward to on the 11th. Continue reading

This new old house

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about our old house – our home for the past six years. And although it wasn’t our own house, it felt very much like home. It was hard saying goodbye.

But in saying goodbye to that old girl, we have been welcomed into a new old house. This one, our very own. Now a month after we moved in, I’ve had some time to get to know her and our new neighbourhood.

It took a little while for it to sink in, with the moving and then with Christmas and New Year. My mind was so caught up with ticking off mental to-do lists that I was present in her four walls, but my mind was away somewhere else. Distracted, at times irritable – I just wanted to get. things. done. Continue reading