Appointment Day … hooray!

Well after two fairly full on days at work, I am happy to be home today. Washing done and on the line, a walk to the supermarket to grab a few items with Jarvis falling asleep in the pram on the way home.

It had all the beginnings of a perfectly mundane day.  But I know this afternoon I will be pulled out of my domestic blissfulness and be sitting in the outpatients waiting room at the Royal Children’s Hospital – for how long, I can never be certain.

Today, it’s for Jarvis’s Opthamologist appointment. This one’s usually the longest wait, with the neurologist running a close second. Audiology is a dream in comparison. Continue reading

2011 – not such a great start

It seems ages ago since I recapped the last year, lamenting its twists and turns and hoping, like many, that this year would be different.

It was only two weeks ago, and already so many events have occurred that have me reaching for life’s railings, a pit of dread forming in my stomach.

Last week, I wrote of the sad situation that fellow blogger Lori found herself in. That we were all praying for her beloved Tony and hoping against all hope that he’d pull through.

Unfortunately, he lost his fight for life on Monday. Lori has continued to be brave on her blog as she battles to come to terms with her loss and be there for her two young children. My thoughts and love are with her. Continue reading

Collective positivity

When I awoke this morning I had a brief glance at my google reader, expecting to see a cheery headline from Lori of Random Ramblings of a Stay at Home Mum (RRSAHM) announcing another edition of Flog Your Blog Friday (FYBF).

My mind was full of  ideas for a blog post to link up, maybe one on the new house and renovation and furniture expenses, but I was stopped in my tracks by this headline from Lori instead – I need your prayers.

Suddenly my dillemmas on whether to purchase a king size bed or fix up our drainage issues seemed ridiculously unimportant. Lori’s husband Tony was in ICU, things didn’t look good. Continue reading

This old house

Today marked the end of an era, today I farewelled our old house. I rattled around in its empty rooms, J crawling around at my feet, his excited cries echoing around the walls.

This old house, it was our home for six years. I first walked in its door with a young man I’d just started seeing – he cooked me dinner. After that, I was a regular visitor. I fell in love with its cottage charm, its views down to the valley below and the hills in the distance – all the little houses dotted amongst the green. I also fell in love with the man who lived here. Five months later, I moved in. Continue reading