Christmas Wrap … Up

Well Christmas is over for another year.

In the lead up, it didn’t feel like Christmas. We were packing, moving, unpacking and calling up Telstra because our new phone line wasn’t working. Having not moved for more than six years, and with the last move being just my own belongings – not a whole house – I can now well and trully concur with that old trotted out line that ‘moving is the second most stressful event in life, behind the loss of loved one.’

Moving sucks. But we did it – the day of the move itself went fairly smoothly. And then with all our boxes and furniture sprawled around our new home, it was time to pack our suitcases and head off early the next morning for a 3 1/2 hour drive up to Mr P’s parents in Hervey Bay.

It was like an escape from chaos. The last few days have been a relaxing, albeit rainy break, from the last full-on month.

Christmas day itself was a fun day. Jarvis woke up to lots of presents under the tree, and although he still doesn’t have a clue what Christmas is, he had a good time ripping at the wrapping and playing with his new toys.

He’s been lapping up the attention from his Grandparents and assorted family members and been crawling around after his Nanna and Pop’s dog Jazz.

Food was plentiful and tasty and although I felt like a bloated blimp, all was well following a nanna nap after which I proceeded to keep topping up the food levels with leftovers. And in Christmas tradition, I have been doing so ever since.

So, tomorrow it’s back to the chaos of unpacking and seeing if our phone line is working. Hoping to have the house in some order before New Year’s Eve so we can kick back and relax and bring in the New Year in our new home.

So, Merry Christmas one and all – and if I’m not back here before 2011 rings its welcome bell, it’s all Telstra’s fault!

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