Fitting in fitness

A couple of weeks back I posted about my quest for fitness. By blogging about it, I was hoping I’d feel accountable and get off my arse and do something. But nope, here I am still parking that arse of mine and finding a myriad of excuses why I can’t exercise. I know I need to exercise. I want to feel healthy and fit. I want to feel less flabby and more fabby. I feel my body is itching to move, but my head is far behind, thinking about the contents of the pantry and fridge.

To be fair to myself, it has been a hectic few weeks with visitors, birthday party, trip for work (all equalling copious amounts of eating) but now I feel f(l)atter than before.

Like many, I have a love/hate relationship with exercise – I hate alot of forms of exercise, yet I love how it makes me feel after I’ve done it. I know there is no quick and easy fix. I’ve just got to get out there and pound the pavement day after day until I start feeling stronger again.

Part of me yearns to do a Pump class – as I love the feel of lifting weights and seeing the difference in my flabby spots, yet a gym membership is out of the question from a budgetary point of view. I have hand weights and a fit ball here at home but I am so lacking in motivation.

So tomorrow, dear blog, even though I’ve said it before, I’ll put one foot in front of the other and just walk. Forget the magpies lurking at the end of the street. Forget the humidity and chance of rain. Just one foot in front of the other. One step at a time. I will then take that sedentary arse of mine to a Zumba class and shake it a little and see how it feels.

I want to enjoy feeling my body move, not be a slave to it, but I also want to see some results. But to see them I’ve got to move. And just keep moving.

So, to keep myself on track I’ll blog every week about my quest for a fitter me and let you know how I’m doing.

Until then, over to you … how do you fit in exercise around family? Especially when you’re lacking in motivation, like yours truly!

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One thought on “Fitting in fitness

  1. I know exactly where you are at with the fitness thing. Three months ago I started the Couch To 5k running program. I blogged about it every time I did it to be accountable, and now here I am, running between 5 and 8 kilometres three times a week! I still can’t believe I’m doing it, and absolutely loving it. Once you make that decision to get yourself moving, I think the rest just takes care of itself. Good luck with it. x


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