Point & Shoot: Party time

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared photos from the weekend that was. But thought this weekend was a great chance to jump back into Point & Shoot mode – Jarvis’s 1st birthday party.

I was aiming for low key, yet special. A morning tea in the park by the river with yummy slices and sandwiches and good friends and family. I decided on an owl theme, as 1. I like owls and they’re EVERYWHERE right now; 2. Jarvis seems quite enamoured by Hoot of Giggle & Hoot on ABC2 and 3. I was embarking on cake making and decorating – an uncharted territory for me – and I figured that an owl would be a simple case of cooking two circle cakes and wacking them together with some frosting.

The morning turned out to be everything we hoped. The weather was lovely, the owl cake I made the day before actually looked like an owl and Jarvis seemed to have a great time getting hugs off everyone, tucking into cheese cubes and ripping open presents.

Here are  some of my favourite photos from the day.

Owl cake

Hoot Hoot

Present opening

Opening presents

Jarvis walking

Baby steps

Family photo

Our little family

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5 thoughts on “Point & Shoot: Party time

  1. Happy Birthday Jarvis!! I’ve become a fan of owls since Heidi was born as they are such a cute character, a nice symbol of intelligence and maybe a bit more “interesting” than the usual dog or cat theme. Oh, and Heidi loves Giggle and Hoot as well. Great cake!! It’s such an amazing milestone for all when they turn one isn’t it.


    • Thanks Kim! Owls are so cute – there’s so many groovy owl things out there at the moment and they’re usually unisex which is nice too. Definitely is a happy milestone!


  2. Great cake – well done. I always try to do my own kids cakes too and constantly surprised at the results.


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