A week for doing

I am writing this from the promise of the weekend. Where plans can be made without weekday pressures, where oaths can be made to oneself that the next week will be the beginning of something new.

But today is Monday, a day where the promises we made to ourselves can so easily be thrown aside for a sneaky Kit Kat from the vending machine, when tiredness gives way to popping on the slippers instead of lacing up the runners.

Today, I go on the record to say ‘this week will be different’. It’s a phrase that has echoed in my mind for months, but resolve weakens as soon as I have to actually DO something about it.

But this is a week of doing. I resolve to actually exercise instead of spending all my time coming up with excuses as to why I can’t. I will lace up my runners and do a walk a day. I will put one foot in front of the other and just start. No guilt trips, no self-reprisals, no lofty goals. Just start. To remind myself what its like to have my heart beating faster, of sweating as I push up that hill, the feeling of achievement of just doing it.

I will not fill my mouth with junk, just because. Just because I’m bored. Frustrated. Because I already had chocolate for breakfast. Because I deserve a treat.

I don’t believe in diets, and I don’t work well by depriving myself of the things I enjoy. But I’ve got to do something about the rut I’ve dug myself into. It’s not so much about how I look, but how I feel. I feel lethargic, floppy and unproductive. I know I need to exercise myself out of this funk.

And it starts today. Today I will.

2 thoughts on “A week for doing

  1. You Go Girl!! I guarantee you will feel better for it!


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