My 'to don't' list

It’s official. I am laziness personified. I start out my first day of the non-working week with all the best of intentions, but inevitably Wednesday has become my ‘lazy day’. The more I procrastinate, the worse it gets. The ‘to do’ list lies abandoned and I start feeling guilty for not achieving the things that I set out to do. It’s a vicious circle!

So, in order to motivate myself and as a reminder that the day is not over yet, here is a list of things that I achieved today.

  • Up at 5am with the boy, next couple of hours spent in haze until he is fed and down for a nap. Curse the early rising sun.
  • Washed the dishes, of which there were many – the product of my two days at work and related tiredness.
  • Played with Jarvis.
  • Looked at Facebook.
  • Did an ad hoc shop at Woolworths where I managed to avoid buying chips or chocolate but in weird moment of impulse, bought pregnancy test.  Period has been missing since returning for one visit. Also I feel fat. Thought if I was pregnant, it would give me excuse for being fat.
  • Did pregnancy test. It turns out, I’m just fat.
  • Had lunch with Jarvis.
  • Put Jarvis down for afternoon nap, had 20 minute power nap with him.
  • Booked a hair appointment online. Spent over 30 minutes trying to schedule an appointment, where a 5 minute phonecall would have done the same job.
  • Write blog post about my own laziness in feeble attempt to motivate myself.
  • Decide that list makes me look a bit pathetic, but decide to post anyway.

By sharing this ‘to don’t list’, at least I can now cross off ‘blog post’ from my ‘to do’ list!

Happy hump day!

9 thoughts on “My 'to don't' list

  1. Great post! I’ve started doing a mental Today’s Achievements each night to show myself that I’ve had a busy and productive day even though it is so different to my previous days with paid work.


  2. Oh dear. I laughed and laughed and laughed and even had to read it out loud to Lar 😀


  3. Oh yes. The to don’t list! Just had me one of those the other day. (Popped by from Rewind)


  4. Dear Lord, I think we’re living the same life. Only scratch dishes for ironing. And often I don’t even write a post.


  5. “Did pregnancy test. It turns out, I’m just fat.”

    This made me laugh. Somedays my list would just say this:

    Looked at Facebook.
    Looked at Twitter.
    End of List.

    Popped over from Weekend Rewind.


  6. That is a great idea! Do away with the guilt and the to-do list for good and focus on the ‘achieved’ list, I say.


  7. I’m with Emma, we need far more focus on the “achieved” list. I also like the idea of a “gratitude” list for just “being”, rather than having constantly “to do” stuff.


  8. I’ve got that many lists in my mind that there’s no room for constructive thought. I think I’ll try your To Don’t approach!

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro!


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