Return to work, a return to me?

It’s been a busy week here at Save Mum’s Sanity. I made my post-maternity leave work debut on Monday and my little ol’ blog has gotten a slight makeover. Alot of changes won’t be apparent to the naked eye just yet, but it’s been moved to self-hosted wordpress which will give my inner-nerd lots of things to do this week. Expect a few more subtle changes as I continue to tinker away with things.

Anyway, back to the return to work.

On Sunday, I packed my bag and got Jarvis’s day care paraphenalia sorted. I ironed my clothes and rued the fact that I really didn’t have alot of work tops that would adequately accommodate an expanding bosom throughout the day. The joys of continued breastfeeding and work. I knew I wouldn’t have time to express adequately, so button-up tops or anything remotely low cut were out. Little cropped jackets , of which I have exactly two, layered over a top or singlet were chosen to be the order of the week.

On Monday, I was up with my alarm at 5.30am and unfortunately so was Jarvis. But as A was also getting ready for work we were able to alternate keeping him entertained with showering, dressing, grooming and eating. J was uncharacteristically grizzly for a morning so I started to panic about the bus trip ahead and how he’d go at daycare.

Out the door by 6.45am and up the road to the bus stop. Jarvis seemed pleased to be in his stroller and going somewhere and this continued on the bus, which was – joy, of joys – on time! The bus ride only took 15 minutes, so we were off the bus and at the cafe across from work at around 7.20am.

Here I could relax, order a coffee and give Jarvis some breakfast. I was looking forward to this part of my ‘get to work plan’ – a short interlude to breathe and enjoy each others company before we walked the block to the day care centre. The drop off, despite the requisite tears, went well and as I walked away and towards work I found myself feeling lighter.

I’ve always liked this job. Little things annoy me every now and then, but that’s a part and parcel of every job. When I get frustrated, I remind myself that I get to write for a magazine – which is not an easy job to come by here in Brisbane. That although most of my days are spent behind a desk accommodating  the often-conflicting editorial needs of different departments of a large organisation, that occasionally I get to go and drive a red convertible on Norfolk Island. Well, it was once! But it made for a good picture of a more glamorous day on the job.

And best of all, I get to do it just two days a week so for the rest of the time I get little chubby arms around my neck, an attack of sloppy kisses and the joy of just being a mum.

2 thoughts on “Return to work, a return to me?

  1. Hello, my name is Lisa Cassels and I live in Queenstown – New Zealand. I read your blog throught a link from Ffions friends. Up until a few days ago, I had not heard of any other mums with children that have facial palsy. It has been very comforting. What blew me away when I read your blog was all the same emotions I have felt with my dear wee fella. Fynn was born one day before your son. I am heading over the waters with the wee man this coming Sunday to stay in Palm Beach on the Gold Coast for nearly 4 weeks. If you ever travel south from Brisbane I would love to catch up with you and your beautiful boy. If it’s not possible – no prob. I have sent a request through facebook as I didn’t realise this option was here. Anyway-best be off, you have a great writing style and well done on a great blog. Lisa


  2. Apr27Chandler Yes, yes it is. Verizon cannot arffod to pass on the platform twice in the same decade. If Apple can shoehorn a CDMA radio in it, Verizon will buy it and sell it. My only hope is they keep their very-very sad UI/OS away from it. That was one of the hold ups before, we’ll see what happens this time around. Side-note: AT&T has exclusivity wrapped up until 2010.


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