I heart my ERGO

Baby Wearing Week logo

If an expectant mum was to ask me what my most recommended baby product was, I would answer quickly and without hesitation. My ERGObaby carrier.

In the early days it was our saviour both inside and outside the home. Rocking our boy to sleep within minutes, sometimes seconds, when nothing else would work.

J and Dad

Asleep with Daddy

Enabling us to get out in the fresh air in the days when a pram was just a no-go zone. Giving me back my hands to hang out the washing and do the washing up when all my baby wanted was to be held.



Now, as my boy nears 12 months and 11 kilos the ERGO still comes with us wherever we go. Taking pressure of my arms and back, which normally start to ache when holding the boy any other way.

It’s been to the beach, funerals, weddings, walking under the Brisbane River (at the Clem 7 Tunnel opening), climbing up steep stairs and tracks. Places a pram just can’t go.

Clem 7

Under the river

It’s this growing recognition of the benefits of babywearing for mother and baby that has led to the inaugural Australia and New Zealand Babywearing Week (ANZBW), a Babes In Arms initiative sponsored by ERGObaby.

Running parallel with International Babywearing Week, it’s just around the corner from October 6th to 12th.

Babywearing enthusiasts can get involved by planning a community celebration of baby wearing – and go in the running to win great prizes, including up $1500 in cash grants, by doing do.

Babes In Arms is also enticing bloggers like me to spread the word about the week by offering a ERGObaby carrier as a giveaway to the blog that generates the most traffic back to their site. So you can help me out by getting clicking on the links throughout this post and on the logos below.

Babes in Arms

Ergo logo

But I need no incentive to shout my love of baby wearing from the rooftops. It really has saved my sanity as well as bringing me and my husband closer to our baby. And what better way to relive some of my favourite ERGO memories and moments?

Beach walk

Beach walk

4 thoughts on “I heart my ERGO

  1. I agree. Its such a useful thing to have. We have multiple carries and the Ergo is best by far. It comes in handy when my son is sick and wants to be held 24/7. We too dont go anywhere without it.


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  4. We love our Ergo! And YAY babywearing dads!!


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