Father and son

Happy Fathers’ Day to all the fathers out there.

This photo of A & J was taken on Thursday, I love the candidness of it and how J looks like a ‘mini’ version of A.

As much as I don’t like the commercial aspect of Mothers’ and Fathers’ day, I do think it’s a nice opportunity to give thanks for all the great things that fathers do.

I love watching the relationship between father and son develop. The way J lights up when daddy gets home from work, his insistance on saying ‘da da’ at every opportunity, the giggles coming from the bathroom at bath time and the way no-one plays quite as fearlessly as daddy as he swoops in to grap J and dangle him by the ankles or hold him aloft and place him high up upon his shoulders.

So much to give thanks for. But this Fathers’ Day is tinged with so much sadness by news we received on Friday. My good friends are living a nightmare that nobody should have to face – the loss of a child. I don’t have the capacity to go into details as yet, but feel I will have to post about it in time, when more becomes clear, when some of the disbelief has faded. Today my thoughts are with them, and as much as my heart is full of joy when I see my own son and his father, it is against the mental backdrop of the heartache of another father who won’t get a hug from his little boy today and it’s all too much. The tears flow again thinking about the unfairness of it all.

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