Farewell sickness, hello spring

Parenting while sick really bites. There, I said it. Feels better already. This winter I have had more than my fair share of energy-depleting ailments.

Nothing too serious mind, just the usual asthma and bronchial problems, a sore throat that wouldn’t quit and then when it finally did, I got hit with another head cold and a greater hit of asthma making me a 24-hour mucous manufacturing facility. Great word isn’t it? Mucous. Kind of sounds like it feels, or how it sounds coughing it up.

I was running on the old ‘it’s just a virus, my body can fight it off mentality’, and with a sick child to contend with his needs were greater than my own.

Or so I thought. Yesterdays dual trip to the doctor revealed that although J had a bad cough and the sniffles, he would be right in a day or two with no treatment. I, however, would require a treatment of antibiotics, a new asthma inhaler and a eczema cream for the now angry patch of skin on my wrist for my state to improve.

It was a bit of wake up call really. I hadn’t even admitted to myself how sluggish I’d been feeling. How a simple walk the shops was taking it out of me. How ordinary things were stressing me more than they would normally. How I was lacking motivation to even leave the house.

I was just trying to get the basics done everyday and throwing every piece of energy I had into caring for J. But my own health was being neglected. I was doing that thing that so many of us mothers do – I was putting myself last.

But spring is here, the scent of jasmine is in the air, the sun is bright and I feel like the drugs are working. Until I am repaired though, I say to myself: it’s okay to lie on the couch while J sleeps and watch trashy TV, or read trashier magazines, it’s okay to leave what I don’t really need to do today until tomorrow, it’s okay to try to just rest, restore and get better.

But it’s got me wondering. How do you cope with your parenting duties when you are sick or just plain rundown? Especially when you have more than one? How do you find your balance?

4 thoughts on “Farewell sickness, hello spring

  1. I recently got mastitis and tonsillitis at once and felt so sick that I rang my parents and burst into tears so they came over and watched the baby while I went to the doctors then to bed. I have found breastfeeding really tiring when I’ve been sick. It feels like she’s draining my last reserves of energy that could be going towards recuperating. Pleased that winter is finally over and hopefully no more endless sniffles!


  2. This is horrible. Winter is going to start in my neckof the woods.


  3. my working day starts at 9 n finihes at 8. I have no assisstant in my house for house-work. My hub leaves the house earlier than me. We got 1 daugh, 1 son. It’s all my shoulder, so im afraid of ill. Bless 4 u that u r in recovery now.


  4. It’s horrific parenting when you’re sick… Lets hope spring is the beginning of not more illness and a new phase of taking care of ourselves as well as everyone else!


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