Point and shoot: ball pit meltdown

This weekend seemed to fly by even quicker than normal. I don’t know if its that we’re all feeling a tad low thanks to a dreaded head cold that just keeps on ‘giving’ even after you think its gone or if the count down to my return to the workforce has imparted an ‘I don’t like Mondays’ mentality a month too early. Either way there were some fun moments amongst the squirts of Fess Little Noses and piles of used tissues.

Sunday we headed to the Rainbow Carnival at Bardon, held by Rainworth State School. Norman Buchan Park was transformed into a swirl of carnival rides and food stalls dotted through a large crowd of mostly families.

Meeting some friends and their two boys there, we soon started exploring the rides and the only ride that J could partake at his age was a ball pit. I had my doubts that it would be something that he’d enjoy, but didn’t want to appear like a overbearing parent so Mr P went and purchased the $4 ticket for entry.

The other two boys, one being 3 and the other 8 days younger than J, took to the balls quickly. J on the other hand, quickly freaked out. The balls were too noisy, the other kids throwing balls were startling him and even with his dad close by he was definitely not happy to dip his toes into the sea of coloured balls.

Oh well, worth a try I guess!

The rest of our time there was spent eating and relaxing on the picnic rug, where J had a much happier time working on his crawling and standing skills.

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2 thoughts on “Point and shoot: ball pit meltdown

  1. Oh… I love when they’re a little unsure. His little face says it all. x


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