Point and shoot: Winter Sun

This weekend was all about taking it easy. With the sniffles and unsettledness of the past two weeks behind us, J was on the move.

Wednesday’s ‘Cranky Crawler’, as I named him, had morphed into a happy little ‘Commando Crawler’ by the week’s end moving along the hallway and towards the bin, the recycling and the cat biscuits with the greatest of ease.

Sunday we took a morning drive to Shorncliffe, about half hour drive from home, a quiet seaside spot where A could fish, J could pull himself around on the grass and I could relax with a magazine while taking in the view.

No fish were caught, but we left with a resolve to visit again soon.

See what other’s got up to this weekend over at Fat Mum Slim.

5 thoughts on “Point and shoot: Winter Sun

  1. the sun was glorius n the w/e
    your photo has captured that 🙂


  2. Hi Belinda,

    Now that looks like a great way to spend a weekend! Glad to hear the sniffles are on the way out, we’re still working on ours, but getting there I think 🙂

    Just found you through P&S, off to have a read of your blog 🙂



  3. Looks lovely. I’ve really got to get out there again now that the weather’s warming up (she says as she looks at the drizzle out the window)


  4. Lovely picture, sounds like a nice way to spend the weekend!


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