A flash and a wink

Like all snap-happy mothers, the digital camera is never far from grasp ‘just in case’ J does something cute.

Take lunch time. He was chewing on his food and he was all giggly and smiley, I had to grab the camera.

He only needs to see the camera now and he’ll start posing. The problem is when he looks down the barrel, the flash sends his ‘blinking eye’ into overdrive. And every time I think I’ve got the perfect shot, there it is the cheeky grin and wink combo. So we try again.

And again. And again. Until I get at least one, non-winking one…

Flicking through the images on the camera screen, I see that I’ve kept quite alot of the winking photos as well. Why do I do it? Afterall if someone blinks in a photo, you delete it, right? And really that’s all J is doing, just that he blinks with one eye only.

After reviewing some of the ‘winky’ photos, I think I keep them because they’re just too damn cute to delete. There’s something about J’s smile and wink combo that’s so endearingly him, that I can’t bring myself to pretend those photos were never taken. At the very least they’ll be great to pull out at his 21st party!

So, here they are a selection of my favourite ‘winky’ moments.

12 thoughts on “A flash and a wink

  1. As I said before, BEAUTIFUL BOY. You are blessed!!!


  2. May I share your blog on my Facebook? and if so How do I do this? or a link to YOUR blog?


  3. Thanks Rita! He is a beautiful li’l man. You can share my blog on facebook by clicking the share button on the side bar and scrolling through all the options until you get to facebook. Or another way would be to put the link http://savemumsanity.com in a status update which will then link to the site.
    Thanks for reading.


  4. Awww, sooooooooooo cute! Definite 21st birthday pics!


  5. Aww that is so cute, he looks like hes flirting!


  6. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I wish my kids could wink at me 🙂


  7. Definitely don’t delete them. Looking at your gorgeous winking photos I am thinking that they are like capturing a photo of a fairy! all the hundreds of photos of my children and I have only ever caught full blinks, never winks! these are gorgeous 🙂


  8. What gorgeous pictures! Definitely good ones for his 21st!!!


  9. awww that’s a super cute smile and wink combo. I can see why you’ve kept them.


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