One post wonder

The post was becoming a thing of beauty – well to me anyway – juxtaposing the imagined thoughts of 80s one hit wonders Dexy’s Midnight Runners after C’mon Eileen became an international smash hit with my current emotional state – fearing a similar fate; that of a one post wonder.

And then technical glitch hit, the post was gone, replaced instead with a solitary letter r.

At first I tried resurrecting the post – but this only frustrated me. The train of thought nuances were now lost to me having spilt out on the page previously.

So now all that remained was an emotion, the reason I started writing the post in the first place. Behind all the witty references to dungarees I was scared. Scared of being a one-post wonder.

As My boy with the Crooked Smile became one of this week’s feature posts on Aussie Mummy Bloggers I was both happy and fearful – what if I never write a post that resonates with as many people as that one?

What if? What if? It’s the ifs in life that hold us back.

What if I never write anything that resonates with people as much? It really doesn’t matter. What matters is what I do now. Do I believe its a foregone conclusion that I don’t have anything else worthwhile to share and stop now? Or do I feel the fear and do it anyway?

Feeling the fear and writing about it, I feel the pressure valve release. Which reminds me why I’m doing this anyway.

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6 thoughts on “One post wonder

  1. I can’t resist making an observation about your unfortunate incident. There’s a bit of divine humor that took place that jumped out at me and I can’t let it go unmentioned.

    B, you did all that fretting, and worrying, and went through all sorts of machinations to “manufacture” something creative, and to what end? To be left with the letter “r.”

    If you create out of the fear of becoming something, you’ll undoubtedly become it because the worries about are within you. But if you create to express, to emote, to share who you are and your humanity, you’ll identify with and connect with more people than you could ever imagine.

    The punchline: “r” = “are”

    You “are” a human being.

    You “are” in a constant state of becoming, living, breathing, feeling.

    You most certainly will become a one hit wonder should you lose your “r” and stop growing.

    (I hope that made sense to you, ’cause it did in my head; but now that it’s out of my head and I look at it, it just looks weird.)


    • Wow!!! I kept looking at the screen thinking “This damn r must mean something!” and look at that, you found it.

      Great insight as always TP! Will read your comment every time I feel like I’m losing my ‘r’


  2. I love reading your posts, and am happy you decided to feel the fear and do it anyway. To let the fear stop you would be a loss to us all.


  3. It is always the posts that were written from the heart that catch the most attention even when we don’t intend them to. I think we don’t realize that so many of our lives overlap or are like mirror images waiting to be witnessed together. Write what you know in an honest way, and people will listen.

    – Emily


  4. Everyone’s being so insightful and philosophical here, so I’m going to be bland and pragmatic instead and suggest writing your post in a text editor first. That way, if the blogging software dies, you have most of what you wanted to say still there.


  5. i love the confession and i love the idea of “so what.” so what if it never resonates. so what if it’s just to help release the pressure valve.

    then it’s the best “so what” ever.

    i’ll be reading.. for sure.


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