Teething turmoil

It’s not as if this is the first time. The first time I didn’t even know it was happening, he was not even four months old.

The signs were there alright, the hands in his mouth almost up to his wrist, drooling like dieter at a cake stall, whingy, clingy and his longer day time sleeps became 20 to 30 minute power naps. I just wasn’t expecting my little boy to get teeth yet. But there they were, two little white eruptions on his bottom gum – two at once! I was mesmerised.

Now here we are months down the track and he’s got six of them – four up the top and two down the bottom. He’s had this set of six for almost 3 months, and it seems he’s been teething on and off for almost that long, but still the bottom pair remain friendless. The last two weeks, it seems the pain has gone up a notch, but still with a quick feel around (if he lets me) I can’t feel a lump like the last few times.

During the last week he’s napped fitfully, his cheeks rosy, his fingers never far from his mouth. I feel they must be getting closer. They must. But still they hide. Just come out, come out wherever you are!

Rusks, arrowroots, frozen teething rings all provide comfort for awhile but his ultimate comfort are cuddles. I love my cuddly boy, as I know these days will end sooner than I think, but some days I feel all cuddled out!

I grow embarrassed every time I drop him at child care and they ask how the teething is going. “Still going, still unsettled at times.” I feel like a fraud, surely he can’t be teething this long. But they are understanding and today sounded relieved that it wasn’t just them, that he’s like that at home too.

I remind myself, that just like last time, as soon as those teeth poke themselves above the gum, it will all be over and I’ll forget all the ‘is he, isn’t he?’ ‘where are they, surely they’ll arrive this week’ angst. Well that is, until next time rolls around.

So J’s bottom two teeth, if you are reading this – feel free to make your entrance some time this week. We’re all waiting!

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