Dear Internet: A note of love and gratitude

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Dear Internet/Cyberspace

I want to send you a short note of thanks and gratitude for helping me in times of need. I pondered whether I should send this message to Google, but seeing you are the great overseer of all things, the ‘CEO’, I thought you’d be the best bet, please feel free to copy this message to the relevant department.

I have long been a fan of your work, but never more so than in the last nine months or so. My husband feels that my fan status has gone past a level deemed healthy and that I’ve now slipped into the realms of obsession. But how can something so wrong bring me so much? I just can’t quit you.

I feel like your great power is to help people not feel so alone, to put them in touch with others experiencing similar struggles or just others that see the world in a similar way. You’ve help me find information and others coping with facial palsy, which is something I’ll be eternally grateful for and has helped me to find the strength and inspiration to pass onto my son.

At first I only found sites of a medical orientation, but one day a true breakthrough. Google pointed me in the direction of Karen’s facial palsy site – an inspirational resource where Karen details what it’s really like living with facial palsy, with an honesty and humour that reassures me that although there are struggles there is great hope.

Through Karen’s site I found the facebook group Courage to Smile where I’ve met others living with facial palsy and parents of children with facial palsy. This group has given me more idea about what the future holds for J than any doctor could tell me.

Lastly, thank you for creating the space where others like myself can share thoughts, feelings and writing through their own blogs. You are helping me find my true voice and as someone who shies away from networking in real life, you’re providing me the platform on which I can step forward that doesn’t seem as scary to me.

Although I still get that shiver as I press the publish button, am still a little scared to respond to posts on other blogs I read and I get tongue tied replying to comments on my own blog, I am working on it!

There is still so much of you for me to explore, all the little hidden gems of blogging goodness and authentic voices from the deep I look forward to reading more from.

Thanks again Internet, keep up the good work.

Yours, Save Mum’s Sanity x

One thought on “Dear Internet: A note of love and gratitude

  1. thought this message was wonderful – thought about sending out a similar message myself! so glad you are finding happiness through blogging and the internet – such a great resource if used wisely 🙂 looking forward to reading more of your posts. Naomi.


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