Point and shoot: ball pit meltdown

This weekend seemed to fly by even quicker than normal. I don’t know if its that we’re all feeling a tad low thanks to a dreaded head cold that just keeps on ‘giving’ even after you think its gone or if the count down to my return to the workforce has imparted an ‘I don’t like Mondays’ mentality a month too early. Either way there were some fun moments amongst the squirts of Fess Little Noses and piles of used tissues. Continue reading

Seven things you don't know about me

I’ve been tagged by Jo over at Mum to J with a Kreative Blogger Meme. The deal is that I share seven things about myself that I haven’t yet shared here.

So here goes – seven things you don’t yet know about me. Continue reading

On procrastination and parenting

Photo by get directly down at flickr.com

Today I went to the dentist. It has been a long time between visits. So long in fact that I couldn’t even admit to myself how long it had been for fear of unleashing an unhealthy amount of self-recrimination that would only add to the procrastination and fear that’s prevented me from going all these years.

So bullet bitten here I am, teeth shiny and clean and save for a light lecture on the importance of dental hygiene, there was nothing to fear afterall. No fillings. No wisdom teeth needing immediate removal. No extra large bill. Just a ‘look after your teeth and come back in six months’. They even gave me a goody bag.

It has me thinking about how procrastination only makes things alot harder. Things that are routine and necessary become scary monsters that wake you in the middle of the night. One big ‘to do list’ that just keeps on growing. Continue reading

Point and shoot: Winter Sun

This weekend was all about taking it easy. With the sniffles and unsettledness of the past two weeks behind us, J was on the move.

Wednesday’s ‘Cranky Crawler’, as I named him, had morphed into a happy little ‘Commando Crawler’ by the week’s end moving along the hallway and towards the bin, the recycling and the cat biscuits with the greatest of ease.

Sunday we took a morning drive to Shorncliffe, about half hour drive from home, a quiet seaside spot where A could fish, J could pull himself around on the grass and I could relax with a magazine while taking in the view.

No fish were caught, but we left with a resolve to visit again soon.

See what other’s got up to this weekend over at Fat Mum Slim.

A flash and a wink

Like all snap-happy mothers, the digital camera is never far from grasp ‘just in case’ J does something cute.

Take lunch time. He was chewing on his food and he was all giggly and smiley, I had to grab the camera.

He only needs to see the camera now and he’ll start posing. The problem is when he looks down the barrel, the flash sends his ‘blinking eye’ into overdrive. And every time I think I’ve got the perfect shot, there it is the cheeky grin and wink combo. So we try again.

And again. And again. Until I get at least one, non-winking one… Continue reading

First born fur babies and farewells

It’s been a hell of a week here at Save Mum’s Sanity HQ. J boy has been a sick little man and me, well I have been a sick mumma mustering what little strength I have to care for the high-intensity needs of my boy. At times like these I try to think of all the other people out there doing it tougher than us and it gives me the strength to pull through. Just. Keep. Going.

Today however, when I think of the people out there doing it tougher than us I think of a family we know, very close to us, who are mourning the loss of their first born. Their first born fur baby. Suddenly I don’t feel as strong.

Before the birth of their two lovely children, there was Neo. The placid black cat from a homeless shelter. We had recently welcomed our own bundle of fur into our lives, a chocolate brown bundle of energy named Magnum. The two became instant buddies and could be seen tousling and chasing and later snuggled up some place, a black and brown fur ball.

So when I heard this morning that Neo had been hit by a car and passed away I just immediately felt so sad and knew what a loss his family would be feeling.

Pets become such a part of the family, their individual personalities imprinting themselves on you until you don’t remember what life was like without them. Very much like children.

They teach us about unconditional love, make us laugh and are there for us when we’re at our lowest. And when they pass, they leave a paw print on our lives and memories of times spent together.

So today our love and best wishes go out to Neo’s mum, dad, brother and sister – he was a great cat and will be missed by us all. xxx

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One post wonder

The post was becoming a thing of beauty – well to me anyway – juxtaposing the imagined thoughts of 80s one hit wonders Dexy’s Midnight Runners after C’mon Eileen became an international smash hit with my current emotional state – fearing a similar fate; that of a one post wonder.

And then technical glitch hit, the post was gone, replaced instead with a solitary letter r.

At first I tried resurrecting the post – but this only frustrated me. The train of thought nuances were now lost to me having spilt out on the page previously.

So now all that remained was an emotion, the reason I started writing the post in the first place. Behind all the witty references to dungarees I was scared. Scared of being a one-post wonder.

As My boy with the Crooked Smile became one of this week’s feature posts on Aussie Mummy Bloggers I was both happy and fearful – what if I never write a post that resonates with as many people as that one?

What if? What if? It’s the ifs in life that hold us back.

What if I never write anything that resonates with people as much? It really doesn’t matter. What matters is what I do now. Do I believe its a foregone conclusion that I don’t have anything else worthwhile to share and stop now? Or do I feel the fear and do it anyway?

Feeling the fear and writing about it, I feel the pressure valve release. Which reminds me why I’m doing this anyway.

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