Something magical

I’ve always believed in the power of the universe, but never as much as I do right now. After writing about my feelings about my son on Friday night, I felt a weight lift off me. It felt good to get my emotions out on the computer screen and sent out there into cyberspace, where I thought perhaps a few friends and family members may read them. But then something magical happened.

Saturday morning I logged into check my email and a deluge of messages started arriving, one after another – comments seeking moderation. Fairly new to this blogging business, I had no idea how people had found my little post but with every comment more was revealed. My son’s crooked but amazing smile was greeting them on the wordpress home page.

I sat reading each comment, from amazingly supportive people I had never met each with a story of their own and I grew stronger. I realised by opening up about my son, I had not only let my feelings out but I’d let the universe in. By doing so I was reminded of all that’s good in the world, all the warm and loving souls that my son will meet in his life journey and I let go of my fear for him.

To all those who took the time to post, thank you! I have read each comment and will read them again once the shock of this has worn off a little.  You have all reminded me of the power that comes from being brave and made me realise that although my journey alongside my son will be unique, that there are plenty of people navigating similar obstacles, grappling with the push and pull of opposing emotions and finding their own path to tread.

I finally feel the confidence to give voice to mine.

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18 thoughts on “Something magical

  1. That’s awesome! I’d really like to see more posts from you and more about your li’l baby, I love the way you write…


  2. The Universe is a wonderful place. So glad both of you are part of it !!


  3. Your boy is lucky. Because of you. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Although we hear of so much “bad” in the world, you are right, there are so many good and loving souls out there! Beautiful post!


  5. You are a unique young woman and mother. Your “feelings”, in this and your previous blog, are what will give inspiration to your beautiful son and to the rest of us, as well.

    Thank you for sharing… Sharing from the heart IS the way to raise happy/healthy children, strengthen the weak, heal the sick and create friendships for life. Thank you for having the courage to be you!


  6. Your son’s evolution begins with your own. Well done.


  7. Your words are inspiring to me, keep writing!


  8. I too read your blog about your son’s crooked smile. It is beautifully written, first of all, but more importantly I noticed your fear lifted as well. I’m glad your son has you in his life. You will give him so much strength as he gets older. He can face a lot of life’s challenges (that are even greater than people being curious about his face) with the same wisdom that you are developing now. Kudos to you. Don’t stop blogging either.


  9. I stumbled on this website and saw your beautiful child and read your heart felt experiences. I wanted to share with you that acupuncture is very successful with facial paralysis, if you would like to consider that. You can google pediatric acupuncture and see if their is a practitioner in your area. Otherwise, maybe there is a school of acupuncture in your area. In which case, maybe they can refer you to someone.


  10. It is so important for moms to find support groups at every stage of our lives, especially when they have bigger life challenges. It was much easier to find groups when my children were younger – now that they are 12 and 8 I spend much of my time alone. You are right to blog with your heart – you will find an amazing support group among other writers. I sure have. If you need a more concrete group of women too, though, you might enjoy a MOPS group. (Mothers of Preschoolers). They helped me as a new mom and became my first set of close friends when my children were babies. Good luck to you. I am enjoying reading your posts and getting to know you!

    – Emily


  11. I popped across from FMS and am so glad I did.

    Your baby boy is so perfectly him and your blog was discovered by so many for a reason.

    You write beautifully and I look forward to reading more as you share with us the walk down YOUR path with your gorgeous boy and his smile beside you!


  12. I’m glad the weight has been lifted! It was a great post and I look forward to reading many more from your blog. I know how addicting blogging can be since I have a wordpress site as well. Keep blogging! 🙂


  13. What a wonderful affirmation to receive all that support from your post about your fears for and love of your son. I too have found that my most heartfelt and vulnerable posts are the ones that receive the most comments and the ones where I seem to gather new readers and followers, from where I do not know.


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