A suffering sanity and a writer's block

It’s superfluous to say that I haven’t posted in awhile. Not so much nothing to say, just unsure of how to say it and where I want this blog to go.

Save Mum’s Sanity started as a concept of exploring ways to ‘get out and about’ with a baby in tow and I saw it as a way to motivate myself to try new things and write about them. A way to keep the writer in me sated while I’m on maternity leave, with a view to opening up other options when it came time to go back to the paid workforce.

What I wasn’t counting on was how much an internal battle my journey into motherhood would be and how much my thought patterns could end up holding me back.

It struck me today that I needed to get these fears, doubts and feelings out if I ever stood a chance of moving forward with my original idea. And that perhaps Save Mum’s Sanity was always meant to be something else – a look at the internal life of a new mother; a look at my internal life.

“How is that interesting to anyone but you?” that little voice of negativity nags again. “Sometimes its nice to know you’re not alone,” rational brain protests. “And besides there is power in doing, even if the doing isn’t what you first set out to do.”

As my mind swirls with quotes about truth – that it will set you free; that beauty is truth, truth beauty – I know it’s time to be honest with myself and the world. Isn’t that what the pursuit of sanity is all about?

The original idea still stands but will arrive in a new and exciting incarnation very soon. But first there are just a few things I need to say … <Save Mum’s Sanity stands and clears her throat>

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