Frugal Friday – Bill bustin'

Well it’s post number three, and I thought it was about time to add in a regular feature utilising alliteration in the title. Welcome to Frugal Friday!

As the title suggests, I have nominated Friday as the day where I share my latest attempt to scrimp and save.

Money issues are a sure-fire sanity destroyer, but making do on less doesn’t mean your life has to become void of all fun. Before J Boy came along, we were plugging away at saving a house deposit on one apprentice wage and one average wage. We had cut back on a lot of luxuries and needless spending to achieve our goal and had built up a nice looking deposit when we found out we were pregnant.

Reality check time.

Even with low interest rates and thousands of dollars in Government incentives, there was no way we could afford to buy if I wanted to take any time off work. Not even buying the worst house, in the worst street, in the worst suburb. So we cooled our heels and readjusted the time frame. I would take 12 months maternity leave, we would stay put in our cheap rental abode until then and if we needed to eat into some of the house deposit, so be it.

Now almost 6 months into my maternity leave, I’m proud to say we’ve continued to save thanks largely to my maternity leave pay and the lovely baby bonus installments (no plasma TV here!). But as my maternity leave pay dried up, it was time to look at the budget again to see where we could cut back further.

First to go was our $100 of discretionary spending a fortnight and then the social expenditure for the fortnight was slashed from $300 to $200. These were fairly painless cuts as life post-baby has naturally meant we eat out and socialise less. Buoyed by already cutting $200 from the budget, my sights turned to the phone and internet bills.

We use our home phone line less and less but need it connected for the internet and with generous call provisions on our mobiles I decided to cut the line rental back from Homeline Plus to Homeline Basic ($9 saving per month) and then cut our $49.95 20GB internet plan down to $29.95 12 GB plan ($20 saving per month). So all up these small sacifices have put back $429 per month back into our pocket and kept us from dipping into our savings for basic expenses for the next 6 months.

It’s a great feeling to know we can get by on less and that I can be home with the boy during his first 12 months without having to turn to baked beans for sustenance.

So next Frugal Friday: a look at frugal food shopping!

3 thoughts on “Frugal Friday – Bill bustin'

  1. I love your Frugal Friday story. I am a fellow mom, I blog because it is the best way for me to stay in touch with other Cystic Fibrosis parents. Families with kids that have CF cannot get together because of the risk of cross infection. So we blog and we have an amazing online community.

    Mind if I join in and post a Frugal Friday story on my blog as well? Some of my fellow Cystic Fibrosis bloggers have been participating in Flash me Friday…

    I haven’t jumped on the Flash me Friday band wagon. But since going from double income no kids to 1.5 income and kid – Furgal Friday’s is something I can really get on board with. If your o.k. with me using your Frugal Friday idea my first story will be with picture of using a bow to tie up my pantry so my little girl doesn’t pull out the entire contents of said pantry onto the floor.


    • Hi, glad you enjoyed the post – I’d love if you started your own frugal friday. I have been a bit slack on my frugal updates, but planning one this week. I look forward to reading yours and getting some further frugal but fun tips.


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