"Hello, mummmmy!"

Before you imagine the above heading said in a child’s voice, cast your mind back to Bridget Jones’ Diary and in particular that infamous scene where Bridget and that cad Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) are getting busy.

Daniel Cleaver: Now these are very silly little boots, Jones. And this is a very silly little dress. And, um, these are fuck me, absolutely enormous panties.

Bridget Jones: Jesus. Fuck.

Daniel Cleaver: No, no. Don’t apologize. I like them. Hello, Mummy.

Stomach holding in pants, granny knickers, or as they are now euphemistically referred to, “shapewear” have seriously made a come back and let’s face it, post-baby they become a very unattractive, yet attractive proposition.  The marketers and retailers know this, and have now made the move to incorporate shape-wearing properties into normal, everyday garments. Enter the ‘shape your body’ (SYB)  jean.

As autumn winds its cooling tendrils around us, thoughts turn to a winter wardrobe and with last winter spent pregnant and the one before  a size slimmer, I’ve decided to take a proactive purchasing approach before ‘nothing to wear’ depression sets in.

My approach is a cheap and cheerful wardrobe of interchangeable and flattering basics that hide the fact that I’m still harbouring post-baby pounds. First stop: Target and their 20% off all women’s clothing (which seems to be on every second week!). I am no stranger to the Target Jean. In fact, I am still wearing a pair of ‘relaxed fit, bootlegs’ I purchased for $20 about 4 years ago. So perusing the jean racks, I come face to face with SYB. On the surface, SYB looks just like a normal jean, but a quick look inside reveals black panels of thick, stretchy fabric in the stomach and buttock area which the tag claims”‘flattens the stomach, contours the hips and lifts the buttocks”.

A quick fit of the bootleg version reveals that yes, they are a very flattering jean and even better still, very light on the wallet – just $39 (RRP $49). There is also a straight leg fit available. And best of all there are short, regular and long lengths, so chances are you won’t need to get them taken up. Thay have the fit and feel of a much more expensive jean, so at that price I picked up two pairs –  one in dark indigo and the other in black.

Stay tuned for more post-baby, breastfeeding wardrobe on a budget ideas.

What about you? What’s your approach to wardrobe post-baby?

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