Nurturing aint a dirty word

I am the first to admit that I’ve never thought of myself as the most maternal person and while pregnant I would sometimes be struck by a sudden fear that I wouldn’t know what to do when I set sights on my new baby. I needn’t have worried; when I met my little man I felt a powerful tug of protectiveness and urge to do what ever it took to keep him happy.

What I wasn’t prepared for, when I first held in my arms, was how far society has moved away from accommodating and encouraging those powerful biological urges to nurture. Continue reading

Frugal Friday – Bill bustin'

Well it’s post number three, and I thought it was about time to add in a regular feature utilising alliteration in the title. Welcome to Frugal Friday!

As the title suggests, I have nominated Friday as the day where I share my latest attempt to scrimp and save.

Money issues are a sure-fire sanity destroyer, but making do on less doesn’t mean your life has to become void of all fun. Continue reading

"Hello, mummmmy!"

Before you imagine the above heading said in a child’s voice, cast your mind back to Bridget Jones’ Diary and in particular that infamous scene where Bridget and that cad Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) are getting busy.

Daniel Cleaver: Now these are very silly little boots, Jones. And this is a very silly little dress. And, um, these are fuck me, absolutely enormous panties.

Bridget Jones: Jesus. Fuck.

Daniel Cleaver: No, no. Don’t apologize. I like them. Hello, Mummy.

Stomach holding in pants, granny knickers, or as they are now euphemistically referred to, “shapewear” have seriously made a come back and let’s face it, post-baby they become a very unattractive, yet attractive proposition.  The marketers and retailers know this, and have now made the move to incorporate shape-wearing properties into normal, everyday garments. Enter the ‘shape your body’ (SYB)  jean.

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